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African Studies Research Centre

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African Studies Research Centre

About Us
WPU-AFREC is dedicated to advancing scholarly study on Africa, disseminating correct information on the continent’s political development, and raising awareness of Africa’s crucial role in the global community.

Our vision is to serve as a centre of excellence for research, learning, and teaching about Africa, contributing to a rich and nuanced understanding of Africa and its global significance.

As the WPU-AFREC, we aim to promote interdisciplinary study and research on Africa, fostering a better understanding and appreciation of African experiences and the African continent. The centre aims to provide educational programs that cover various aspects of Africa’s history, political development, economy, and culture. It also strives to collaborate with other area studies centres, universities, international centres, and World Peace University departments to advance the study of Africa globally. The centre aims to benefit students at all levels interested in African studies by offering extensive academic work and engaging in extracurricular activities to deepen their understanding of the continent.

Centre Director: Assist. Prof. Dr Anthony Eniayejuni
E-mail: [email protected]
What we do:

The activities of the Centre are:

  • Coordinating lectures, colloquia, seminars, and research conferences with partners from domestic and foreign academic institutions to facilitate academic discussions and knowledge exchange.
  • Supporting interdisciplinary research, teaching, and learning to deepen the understanding of diverse and dynamic African experiences and their contexts, contributing to a comprehensive knowledge of Africa and its global significance.
  • Offering opportunities for students and academics in various fields, including the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and arts, to engage in rigorous academic study and research about African culture and heritage. The centre also facilitates extracurricular activities related to Africa.
  • Initiating and managing research projects supporting cultural and community activities focused on Africa, contributing to preserving and promoting African culture and heritage.
  • Supporting, encouraging, promoting, and advocating for the study of Africa at all levels. This includes offering training and mentorship programs for student research, hosting visiting researchers, and welcoming doctoral students.
  • Overall, the centre aims to be a hub for African studies, providing a platform for academic exploration, research, and engagement that enhances the understanding of Africa’s diverse aspects and its significance on a global scale.