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Master of International Hospitality and Tourism Management

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Master Of International Hospitality And Tourism Management

The aim of the Master of Science in International Hospitality and Tourism Management program is to train qualified, next-generation tourism management candidates who can meet the increasing needs of the tourism sector in strategic and managerial decision-making.
Graduates of the program at World Peace University with a Master’s degree in International Hospitality and Tourism Management are conferred the title of ‘Science Specialist’ and are equipped to work in various operational and managerial levels in the tourism industry, including accommodation establishments, travel agencies, transportation companies, food and beverage businesses, yacht-marina enterprises, and entertainment ventures. They can also pursue careers as academic faculty in relevant departments at universities if they fulfill the admission requirements and, if they choose to, apply for doctoral programs.
The program focuses on providing students with the practical, theoretical, and personal skills required for senior management roles in various international hotel and tourism organizations. It aims to foster a professional management approach that encourages the creative development of innovative ideas and solutions, while also enhancing problem-solving and analytical abilities when evaluating organizational learning. Additionally, the program seeks to provide students interested in pursuing an academic career with the ability to conduct scientific research, develop scientific thinking skills, and attain the necessary level of qualification for doctoral education.