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Continuing Education And Research Centre

About Us
WPU-CERC is dedicated to lifelong learning, where you can develop your skills. Through innovative training programs and research, we want to help you make a positive impact in your community and the world. We aim to be a leading centre of excellence, empowering individuals to drive social progress in a rapidly changing world. We offer various courses and workshops to individuals, companies, and organisations.

WPU-CERC is committed to providing inclusive and accessible educational opportunities, promoting cutting-edge research and interdisciplinary collaboration. Our mission is to empower individuals from all walks of life to participate in lifelong learning, develop their skills and contribute to social development. Through innovative training programs, rigorous research and strategic partnerships, we aim to inspire intellectual development, develop talent, and make a positive impact locally and globally.

To become a leading centre of excellence in lifelong learning, research, and interdisciplinary collaboration, empowering individuals to drive social progress and thrive in a rapidly changing world.
Centre Director: Assist. Prof. Dr Arzu Atan
E-mail: [email protected]

What we do:

The activities of the Centre are:

  • Providing the knowledge, technology and opportunities of the University for the benefit of individuals on behalf of the University and developing and implementing these processes to contribute to all segments of society;
  • Carry out and coordinate various training, courses, seminars and consultancy services to the private sector, public sector and civil society;
  • Organising and managing education and training programs, courses, seminars and certificate programs on behalf of the University within the framework of the lifelong learning objective;
  • Obtaining the copyrights of various national and international works/publications related to the fields of activity of the Centre and printing and selling them;
  • Organising national or international workshops, seminars and conferences;
  • Preparing national and international projects and managing the planning, execution and coordination processes of these projects;
  • Conducting research and studies on the areas needed for all segments of society and preparing and publishing their reports;
  • Giving or receiving consultancy in all areas of expertise of the University;
  • Cooperating with public institutions, public organisations, domestic or foreign universities, other educational institutions, certification bodies and consultancy firms in various social and academic areas;
  • Ensuring the management and coordination of other centres established within the University.