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School of English Preparatory and Foreign Languages

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Dean’s Message

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Hanife Bensen BOSTANCI

A Warm Welcome to World Peace University, Nicosia.
The WPU English Preparatory School is here to prepare you to pursue your undergraduate studies by equipping you with the sufficient English proficiency level required for your departments.
English is a language employed worldwide for communicative purposes. With our highly educated, experienced, friendly and enthusiastic staff members, we adopt innovative methods and approaches to teach you English subconsciously enabling you to acquire the language and be able to use it for communication. In addition, among our aims we engage you with Artificial Intelligence (AI), activities, materials and audio-visuals to address your learning styles and strategies. Among our objectives, we endeavour continuous corrective feedback and reflection to assist not only your language skills but also your presentation and socio-cultural skills.
In our teaching and learning we strive to take into account the quote “Tell me and I Forget, Teach me and I May Remember, Involve me and I Learn” represented in the words of Benajamin Franklin. That is to say, you will learn by inquiring, researching, collaborating, reflecting, solving problems and being a part of projects, moving away from traditional teacher-centered learning environments.
Our School of Foreign Languages aims to develop your level of proficiency in another language other than English, i.e., Turkish, Greek, German. These courses are selected and will be added to your departmental curriculums. In this way, you will also gain knowledge and communicative skills in a second/third language. These courses will in particular assist our international students who will need to use Turkish in their daily lives to be able to communicate.
Please feel free to contact us to assist you whenever necessary.
We look forward to meeting you.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hanife Bensen Bostancı

Director of School of Foreign Languages