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PHD in Business Administration (PhD)

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PHD In Business Administration

This program provides content that combines theoretical knowledge with practical applications to help businesses adapt quickly to mental and operational transformations. As a result, program graduates can gain a profound understanding of different aspects of Business Management for companies’ employees and future managers.
The increasing complexity of today’s business world has made it necessary for individuals from different disciplines to work effectively and efficiently under the same organizational structure, pursuing common goals. Therefore, the Doctor of Business Administration (Ph.D.) program aims to help individuals evaluate all functions of Business Management with a holistic perspective and develop skills to manage these aspects in harmony with other dynamics in the operating ecosystem.
The rapid advancement of technology has expanded the competitive landscape for businesses and increased the demand for managerial talent with integrated knowledge, particularly in production, distribution, marketing, and finance. Hence, the Doctor of Business Administration (Ph.D.) program aims to equip its graduates with knowledge and skills to manage businesses by considering the strategic decisions of investors who follow technological developments, have foresight, a long-term vision, and aim for sustainable growth on a global scale.